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Welcome to xxxHOLiC_still! The First ever Double Icon-Trivia Contest on Livejournal.
Rules Other Stuff
Changes may occur at any time, with or without reason.
1. You must be a member to participate.
2. The theme must be clear (feel free to comment on your submission.)
3. Please use a server that allows direct linking (such as Photobucket.com)
4. Submitting animated icons is NOT allowed.
5. You may submit up to two NEW icons for each theme. No recycling icons.
6. The icon must fit LJ standards (40kb or less, 100x100px or less, and in .jpg/.gif/.png format)
7. Only offical artwork may be used.
8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle characters are allowed, but the original picture must be from xxxHOLIC.
9. xxxHOLiC Characters from Tsubasa may be used. (ex. yuuko in tsubasa)
10. If there are any changes feel free to EDIT your comment or delete and re-post it.
11. Do NOT post your icon anywhere else, until after the week is over.
12. Plagerism is not cool. Punishment varies. Carbon copies are a no go.
13. We allow the entries into other contests as long as the other contest allows it.
14. We do allow the Mokona Modoki Gallery Pictures because they are from xxxHOLiC.
*For those who are not good at html, just copy the text below and paste the link where it says: URL GOES HERE*

1. 1 icon would translate into 1st place only. 2 icons would translate into 1st and 2nd place only. 3 icons would translate into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place only. 4 icons would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Special Catagory.
2. Please do not vote for your own icon. That's not cool.
3. Do NOT get people to vote for your icon. That's not nice to the people who play fair.
4. Vote for the icon that is most deserving, not because you feel like you must.
5. Do NOT use a secondary account to submit more votes. That's cheating. Cheaters never prosper.

The moderator and the co-moderator have different ways of sorting out the votes. Just ask and they'll tell you how they sort them.

Usually, but not always, this community will have trivia. This is a way that everyone can participate even if they didn't submit an icon. The trivia will go up with the voting. The solution (or parts of the solution) can be a variety of different things (sometimes not related to xxxholic). Anything from any episodes or chapter that have been released can be used. Submit answers to the voting. Those who get the answer correct, will receive a banner along with the answers to the trivia.
All trivia is created by: mmrobitussin, dragon_gypsy (retired), or yokainomiko

First Place and Hall of Fame::

1st Place Winners (OUT OF DATE)

You can find all the previous weeks and such in the Tags.

Hall of Fame:
You will be placed here when you win three 1st Place awards in any three challenges. After being placed in the Hall of Fame, you cannot compete again for another 3 calendar weeks (this is only because we want to give everyone a fair chance, not because we are discriminating against you because you won).
Calendar and Times::

Sunday: Voting ends/Submission begins.
Thursday: Reminder to submit icons.
Friday/Saturday: Submission ends and voting begins.

Everything times out at 2PM PST. Just though you should know.

**Schedule may change at any given time with or without reason.

Helpful Links::
Please no hotlinking. :) We love these websites and we don't want to kill their bandwith.
Tsubasa Holic
eXeXeX HOLIC Manga Scanlations
Be With You Scans
xxxHOLIC Official Site (Japanese)
CLAMP-NET (Japanese)

Affiliates list and requests go here

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Banner Makers and Rotations:

Disclaimers and Such::
The graphics and coding were done by mmrobitussin. It features the artwork of CLAMP's xxxHOLIC. Graphics were cut and edited in Adobe Photoshop 7 and notepad was used in order to put the coding together.

All artwork in this community was done by renown manga artists: CLAMP. This community is used to celebrate their artwork for their manga and anime xxxHOLIC (as well as their cross-over manga and anime Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE).

Profile layout was inspired by wicked_enough on Week 32: xxxHOLiC_Still Community Icon.
Community layout was inspired by tezuka_zone_pot on Week 119: xxxHOLiC_Still Community Icon.
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